4th Dimension Ltd – Booking Procedure and Terms & Conditions

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme – Individual Bookings

Your booking will only be confirmed on receipt of this signed document.

Your place will not be approved without our returned Booking Form, Booking Procedures and Terms & Conditions document and accompanying deposit (this should be made via BACs payment where possible – Cheques made payable to ‘Fourth Dimension Ltd’ are accepted where a BACs payment is not possible).  This constitutes a contract between our organisation and you as the client. Your booking will then be confirmed by email.

DEPOSITS: To secure your booking, as noted above, you must complete, sign and return the Booking Form, Booking Procedures and Terms & Conditions and accompanying deposit. The deposit covers initial administration and provisional campsite bookings where appropriate. Your deposit will form day 1 of your expedition, currently £54.00 + VAT.

Deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances; and we strongly advise that you arrange your own travel insurance to cover you during the expedition.

PAYMENT: The final balance of payment must be settled no later than one month prior to your booking. Final payments not received by this time will be considered in breach of contract and the booking will be treated as cancelled until payment is received. You will receive email notification of cancellation from us.

INSURANCE: As noted previously, we strongly advise that all participants take out their own personal travel and injury insurance to cover them during the course.  Our £10m Public Liability Insurance covers you in the case of our negligence. It does NOT cover personal accident, cancellation or curtailment, personal luggage or health insurance.

4th Dimension cannot take responsibility for the loss or damage to personal belongings including items left in tents, buildings, vehicles or lost/damaged during activities. You are advised not to bring valuable items with you. All personal property is your responsibility unless it becomes lost or damaged due to our negligence.

CANCELLATION: You are advised to check with your insurance provider as to whether the reason for withdrawal by a person(s) is covered by your policy.

UNFORESEEN OCCURRENCES: In the event of an occurrence that we could not foresee or avoid (Force Majeure such as adverse weather condition, real or potential terrorist activity, fire, industrial factors, real or threatened war, act of God or similar), we do not accept liability if we are unable to fulfil our obligations or you suffer loss or damage in any way.

LIABILITY: We will only accept responsibility for any personal illness, injury or death which results in the negligent (as the word is understood in English Law) acts or omissions of any servant or agent, or supplier working on our behalf in the provision of services or facilities to you within the scope of their employment. We can only be liable for the provision of special requests where we have confirmed their availability in advance or in writing.

COMMUNICATION: It is important that every aspect of your course is explained and any relevant medical information is provided. Medical forms must be accessible to us at all times. If we are required to administer medication, written permission must be provided. You should be physically fit to attend the course. With prior notice, we can often accommodate those with certain injuries that may require the need for carrying less equipment. Health issues will be monitored throughout the course.

PARTICIPANT eDofE ID NUMBERS: Please ensure you provide us with your Participant eDofE ID number and following information prior to the start of any Qualifying Expeditions so that our Assessors can submit the necessary reports. You should confirm that you have completed all relevant sections on eDofE prior to arrival and make sure you are registered on the correct scheme with your DofE manager to ensure the reports are successfully uploaded to eDofE.

DAMAGE TO EQUIPMENT: 4th Dimension, if required, supply the latest equipment recommended by the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. We appreciate that accidents can happen, however any misuse or deliberate damage to our equipment will be charged post course at the following rates:

Item DescriptionCost of Replacement
Endurance Tent Bag£9.50 + VAT
Endurance Inner Tent Bag£5.90 + VAT
Endurance Pole Bag£4.50 + VAT
Endurance Peg Bag£3.00 + VAT
Endurance Replacement Pegs£38.50 + VAT x 100pk
Endurance Refuge 300 Single Pole£13.00 + VAT
Endurance Refuge 300 Set of Poles£42.00 + VAT
Endurance Summit 300 Single Pole£13.00 + VAT
Endurance Summit 300 Set of Poles£39.00 + VAT
Endurance Refuge 300 Flysheet£85.00 + VAT
Endurance Refuge 300 Inner£60.00 + VAT
Endurance Summit 300 Flysheet£85.00 + VAT
Endurance Summit 300 Inner£65.00 + VAT
Endurance Summit 300 Porch Groundsheet£12.00 + VAT
Endurance Refuge 300 Complete Replacement£189.00 + VAT
Endurance Summit 300 Complete Replacement£189.00 + VAT
Endurance Lava Pan Handle£4.00 + VAT
Endurance Lava Strap£3.60 + VAT
Endurance Windshield£11.00 + VAT
Endurance Lava Saucepans£7.00 + VAT
Endurance Lava Frying Pan£6.50 + VAT
Endurance Lava Kettle£10.50 + VAT
Endurance Replacement Gas Burner£26.00 + VAT
Endurance Lava 400 Complete Stove£71.00 + VAT
Trangia Pan Handle£4.00 + VAT
Trangia Replacement Strap£3.60 + VAT
Trangia 25 Inner Saucepan£6.30 + VAT
Trangia 25 Outer Saucepan£7.30 + VAT
Trangia 25 Frying Pan£6.50 + VAT
Trangia 25 Lower Windshield£12.00 + VAT
Trangia 25 Upper Windshield£14.50 + VAT
Endurance Expedition Rucksacks (Various)£58.00 – £74.00 + VAT
Endurance Foam Mat – Siesta Pro£7.90 + VAT
Endurance Foam Mat Protector Bag£3.80 + VAT
Multimat Camper 25 Self Inflating Sleeping Mat£19.50 + VAT
4D Replacement First Aid Kit£30.00 + VAT
Endurance Dreamlite 300 Sleeping Bag£42.00 + VAT
Endurance Dreamlite 400 Sleeping Bag£52.00 + VAT
Endurance 8 Person Group Shelter£48.00 + VAT
RAB 8 – 10 Person Group Shelter£75.00 inc VAT
Silver Expedition 4 Compass£19.20 + VAT

DECLARATION – I have read, understood and agree to abide by the Booking Procedures and Terms & Conditions with 4th Dimension Ltd.

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