For those who really want to experience the thrills of high ropes, archery and water!

10.00am – 6.00pm

[hr] [pullquoteleft]”Incredibly hard working staff. They went the extra mile to make sure we ALL had a wonderful time during activities and down time.” – St.Mary’s Catholic School[/pullquoteleft]tt3[hr]

Ultra Thrill Experience


  • Starting with our unique Tree Track at Blackland Farm. 10 elements up in the trees and you don’t have to worry about unclipping every time you come to a platform. You are attached at the beginning and remain so until you get to the end!
  • All Aboard – a great group activity. Climb to the top of the pole and wait for your other friends to join you. Try to place up to 4 on the top. Hold on to each other and lean out if you dare!
  • Leap of Faith(solo or in tandem). Count to 3 and just dive for the trapeze.
  • Kayaking at Weirwood Reservoir involving challenging games!
  • Finish with archery



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