If you have a group of 6 we can be flexible with the High Rope activities you choose.


[pullquoteleft] “4th Dimension is very flexible in changing aspects prior to or during the courses and you always provide us with all the information to thoroughly plan our visit.” – Ocklynge[/pullquoteleft]z2


Adrenaline Challenge £40 pp – 3 hrs

(Group of 6 -10% discount / Group of 8 –20% discount)

Three exciting challenges

  • All Aboard – Climb to the top of a pole with your family and lean out!
  • Leap of Faith- our most daring activity, jump for a trapeze high in the air.  On your own or in tandem !
  • 120m zip wire – an exhilarating ride!


Tree Track Experience £42 pp – 3 hrs

(Group of 6 booking at the same time -10% discount / Group of 8 –20% discount)

Starting with our unique Tree Track at Blackland Farm.

10 elements up in the trees and you don’t have to worry about unclipping every time you come to a platform. You are attached at the beginning and remain so until you get to the end!

Then another two high rope activities –

Click here to read a description and view photos of the activities


Water Based Activity £50 pp – 4 hrs

(Group of 6 -10% discount / Group of 8 –20% discount)

Have a great time paddling around the reservoir.

New to the water? Try our katakanus which are virtually unsinkable and can go swiftly and easily through the water .

Some experience- choose between group work in an open canoe or for the more daring- kayaking.


Archery & Abseil £40 pp – 3 hrs

(Group of 6 -10% discount / Group of 8 –20% discount)

We have many people wanting to have a go at archery, must be the Olympics influence!

Let our experienced instructors help you conquer those fears to descend down our abseil tower. You know it’s always something you’ve wanted to try. Well, now’s your chance.



If you don’t see the activities you would like to do and have a group of 6, contact us to discuss your options and a day of your choice. You can view all our activities if you click here.


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