DSC_0818Although I have been away from this blog for a while, things have been developing fast at the South East’s favourite Outdoor Activity Centre.

As an extremely busy 2013 season enters its final, Autumnal phase, the staff at 4th Dimension are enjoying the different challenges that this time of year brings. September is synonymous with Team Building days, normally run for for new intake at schools, colleges or workplaces, or just as a way of re-affirming that bond between classmates or colleagues.

These days are immensely rewarding, combining physical and mental challenges with a strong element of competition. Teams accumulate points throughout a day during which organisation and time management, along with the ability to work as a team, are key in securing the winning position at the close.

As well as plenty of team building events, we continue to welcome residential groups throughout the Autumn months, and with our Glamping Shelters proving a massive hit since their introduction in May, we are already filling up fast with booking for 2014.

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