Who is 4th Dimension?

4th Dimension was established in 1987 by Chris Taylor, a graduate teacher of physical and outdoor education after 12 years teaching experience. His aim has always been to provide quality learning experiences to all age groups. 4th Dimension courses are equally relevant to Year 4 school children and adults from Schools, Colleges and Corporate backgrounds: all that changes is the means of presentation according to the course aim. In addition to our Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) accreditation we also hold the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge.(LOTC)

Instructor Qualifications

All of 4th Dimension staff are trained to a high level. Every year their qualifications are checked and inspected by AALA, the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority. They all have the current first aid awards and have an enhanced CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check.

What is your Insurance cover

We hold a 10million Public Liability cover. This covers all the activities we run both on and off our site. You are not covered for loss or damaged property. You will need to take out your own insurance to cover illness.

Is there a minimum age?

We tend not to take anyone under the age of 8. The Tree Track requires a minimum height of 1m 20 although there are some circumstances where this may not be applicable eg. If a parent follows the child around the Track and the child has had previous experience

Is there a maximum age?

No. We welcome people of all ages as long as they are fit and healthy. A fun day out with us can easily be tailored to the group’s ability. If your in doubt at all then please call the office on 01342 811327. A medical form will need to be filled  and signed before the course.

{accordion=Do the children need any previous experience?}

Absolutely not! Our instructors deal with all levels of capability day in, day out. They are highly experienced and trained, so you can rest assured that they will pass that confidence on to your family.

{accordion=How fit do they need to be?}

A basic level of fitness is all you need. Again, if you are at all worried about your ability please give us a ring. We can tailor your day/course to your ability.

{accordion=What do I need to bring?}

We provide all of the necessary equipment, helmets, harnesses etc. Once you have booked, we will send you a basic kit list via email or post. This should have all the information you need. Warm clothing is particularly important as it can be cold in the trees .

{accordion=Is there somewhere to get food on campus?}

Most groups tend to bring their own packed lunch. If the weather is nice then there are several picnic areas on site. If the weather is bad we have our own marquee on site, which you are welcome to use if it isn’t already booked up. It’s worth calling us as soon as possible to book this. If you bring your own food etc, we’re more than happy to provide you the necessary equipment for a BBQ. If you have a larger group then we have a chef that can provide food. This is more aimed towards corporate events but again feel free to give us a ring to discuss this option. Alternatively there is lovely little café about 5 minutes drive from the Farm.

{accordion=What if the weather is bad on the day?}

We very rarely have to cancel your days out. If we feel the weather is too bad for a particular activity we can just switch activities. For example, if you are meant to be kayaking and we deem the wind is too strong then we can change it for climbing or an activity of your choice. We have so many fun things to do here we’re never short of ideas. Please bear in mind that we are an outdoor company. Operating in the outdoors means in all sorts of weathers. Our staff are very experienced and will do everything to make your trip with us safe and enjoyable. No risks are taken. In the very unlikely event that we have to cancel the day/trip then we will give you as much notice as physically possible. Then rearrange on a date that suits you.

{accordion=Is there a minimum fee?}

Yes, there is a minimum charge of £120.

{accordion=What happens if one of my group is ill on the day?}

If one of your group is ill, we would be unable to refund their money so please make sure you have insurance cover.

{accordion=When do I need to pay?}

A deposit will be required at the point of booking. Full payment will need to be made two weeks before the course.

{accordion=Do I need to stay during my child’s party?}

We will need one adult to stay during the time the children are with us.

{accordion=What happens if one of the children has a medical problem?}

You will have to fill in a medical form which will need to have the parent’s permission for their child to participate. .Our instructors will then need to be made aware of the condition. All our staff have First Aid training and instruction in the use of epipens. Before you come please make sure that any relevant medication is brought with you (eg. inhalers)

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