The management of safety and risk are important factors for any business. The challenging activities offered in the Outdoor Industry make these areas crucial to successful operation. First time participants in our activities will perceive a high level of potential risk when, in reality, the actual risk are very low indeed.

4th Dimension’s safety record is exemplary. Our records show that incidents occur most frequently when course members are playing games in between activity sessions and not during the activities! Incidents during activities are almost unheard of.

This has been achieved by a thoughtful land extensive training programme which all our staff complete.

It is a widely accepted fact that incidents on courses such as ours occur not through equipment or material failure but through human error. We have established an operating procedure which minimises this possibility. For example, our course members will be shown how a karabiner is made secure and how to “squeeze test” it: they will be asked to do this for themselves, and to ask another person to check. After this, their Instructor will make a final check. In this way, three people are involved in the safety chain, not just the Instructor.

This practice was endorsed and advocated during our most recent inspection by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority in August 2014.

4th Dimension will continue to evaluate and develop their safety procedures in accordance with the latest information and advice.

Technical Advisory Service

4th Dimension has personnel with appropriate experience and qualification to offer this service to other Outdoor Centres and Schools in land and water based activities. Our largest clients have been Center Parcs, although we also act for small Centres and Schools in England and France. We are more than happy to develop any aspects of this with Schools and Colleges.

Our specialised staff hold combinations of Mountain Instructor Certificate, Mountain Instructor Award, International Mountain Leader and British Canoe Union Level 3 Coaching Awards.

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