The Accumulation Tasks

Teams of between six and ten members compete to “accumulate” the greatest points total in the allotted time, typically between 4 and 8 hours. This is done in two ways:

Initially, teams search the grounds for markers, using a specially prepared map. Each marker has a points value on it. Randomly placed are special “bonus” makers. When located, these allow the team to undertake a task, which has a much greater earning potential.

There are over 30 different “bonus” tasks to choose from, depending on the requirements of the client, the aims of the day, and the time available. They include physical challenges such as abseiling, zipwires, high ropes and climbing. The mental challenges include tasks requiring a mixture of cerebral and physical skills.

For groups who prefer not to do the searching part of the accumulation task, these can be arranged as a “Round Robin”, with a wide range of tasks included.

Tasks are designed so that the whole team must contribute to ensure success. Physical challenges include a task to complete, so that not everyone needs to undertake the physical challenge. Competition need not be the main emphasis, but it does add a certain sense of urgency and focus for the day.

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