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Walking Expeditions

Our walking expedition packages take on the same format, whatever the level of award. Each training day / practice expedition will start with the following key elements that form the basis of a safe and successful qualifying expedition experience.

Our highly experienced instructors will cover the following key subject areas:

  • The Expedition Rucksack, Equipment and Footwear
  • Campcraft and Use of Stoves
  • Emergency Procedures and Incident Management
  • First Aid Procedures
  • Road Crossings and Walking on Roads
  • Navigation and Route Planning
  • Environmental Awareness and The Countryside Code

The practice expedition will start with direct supervision. This will allow us to assist with any areas that may need additional support. Once we are satisfied with the team’s ability to remain self-sufficient, our instructors will step back and meet the team at various points along the practice route and provide comprehensive feedback at the end with some pre-qualifying expedition hints and tips!

For the qualifying expedition, the team will meet their assessor at the start who will go through the 20 conditions to make sure they have met the requirements of this section of the award. They will also conduct a kit check of both personal and group equipment to satisfy themselves that the team is adequately prepared for their expedition.

At Silver and Gold, the team will have an additional supervisor who will be responsible for the welfare of the team throughout the expedition. At Bronze, the assessor can also act as the supervisor.

The following expedition package diagram demonstrates the minimum requirements for each level of award:

The Expedition Package

The Expedition

What is included?

  • A full time Expedition Course Director who will be available to assist with anything before, during and post expedition.
  • Comprehensive pre-expedition admin pack for participants and schools / parents / guardians, including consent forms, kit lists etc.
  • Assistance with expedition paperwork. We will complete operating authority notifications and risk assessments.
  • High quality training, delivered at your venue, our Ashdown Forest site or even in the expedition area.
  • Experienced instructors holding National Governing Body qualifications relevant to the environment in which they are working.  All of our instructors hold a current and relevant first aid qualification and Enhanced DBS certificate (see Overview page).
  • Training materials and notes for participants.
  • All supervision and developmental training throughout the programme (during the day and overnight where agreed). We aim to help young people develop their personal and practical skills as much as possible throughout their experience with us, both as individuals and as part of their team.
  • Campsite or bunkhouse fees for participants.
  • Smiles and encouragement throughout!

We also provide the following equipment if required:

  • Tents & Group Shelters
  • Stoves & Fuel
  • Group First Aid Kits
  • Hi-Vis Vests (for any potential road walking)
  • Maps & Compasses
  • Insurance (see Overview for full details)

What does the walking expedition package cost?

Probably the most important question!

We have kept our pricing structure simple.

We charge £59.00 + VAT per person per day, whatever the level of award.

So for example, a 2 day Bronze training/practice weekend followed by a 2 day Bronze qualifying weekend would cost a total of £236 + VAT per person. 

A full Gold package of 7 days (training, practice and qualifying expedition) would cost a total of £413.00 + VAT per person.

A Gold qualifying expedition (if you have already completed the practice) would cost £236.00 + VAT per person.

We specialise in running bespoke expeditions that are tailored to your individual requirements. Whether you are a teacher looking to run a large Bronze expedition for an entire year group or an individual looking to organise a small Gold expedition for your friends, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss all options available to you!

Please take a look at our following pages offering water based expeditions and Gold residential activity weeks!

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