These are usually day courses, but are also very valuable in the residential context. They are relevant to all age groups, including staff.

  • Schools and Colleges traditionally target specific groups for these courses
  • New intake groups (Year 6, VIth Form entrants and new College intake groups)
  • High academic achievers
  • Subject and Departmental groups
  • Teaching and Lecturing groups, particularly for newly established teams and departments

We usually combine a series of tasks, some with a physical challenge and some without. In all cases, successful teams will plan, complete and review their tasks as they progress through the day, maintaining their strong points and developing the weaker areas, all in the setting of an enjoyable day in a superb country area.

Tasks with a physical challenge are set in such a way that there are always roles for those who do not wish to take in the physical element. Successful teams will realise and allocate the roles necessary to succeed.

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