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Multi-Activity Day Courses in Sussex
These are based from our site on the Ashdown Forest which is easily accessible from the M23 and M25 and is just 25 minutes from Gatwick Airport.

Multi-Activity Day Courses in Sussex

Good news! We are now in a position to start delivering on-site school activity days at Blackland Farm and expeditions again on behalf of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. These are non residential but meet all the current guidelines for participants to complete their award – We can also bring these to you at school without the need for travel!

This is not a decision that has been taken lightly. We have been in constant consultation with our Professional Associations including the DofE, Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA), the Institute for Outdoor Learning (IOL) and our insurance provider, Activities Industry Mutual (AIM).

Below is a sample program you might expect to have with us on a typical activity day. However, activity choices are up to you and can be personal to your requirements. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you wish for more information!

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Multi-Activity Day Courses in Sussex


These are based at our base near East Grinstead which is easily accessible form M23 and M25. Depending on the length of your day you can experience up to 5 activities. You can choose your arrival and departure times. Minimum group size is 8 and the maximum is unlimited (subject to availability.)

Activities can be chosen from the list below (click an activity for an image).

Tree Track – A fantastic experience, unique to 4th Dimension at our Sussex base.  10 continuous aerial elements involving no unclipping by the guest.

2 Zip Wires – 240 ft and 380 ft long. An exhilarating ride!

All Aboard – Climb to the top of the pole and wait for your other friends to join you. Try to place up to 4 on the top. Hold on to each other and lean out.

Leap of Faith and Tandem Leap of FaithClimb to the top, take a deep breath and dive for the trapeze! This is our most challenging activity and is usually offered as an option. Solo or tandem….

Abseil Tower This exciting activity can be undertaken purely for the challenge or as part of a team task.

Abseil Tree This is our tallest activity. Climb the tree, lean back into your harness and abseil down through 15metres of thin air. Feet are only necessary for climbing and landing!muschamp School 004

Log Walk – Traverse the 3metre high log. If you feel brave, continue upwards and cross the tightrope.

Elvis Dangle – Cross the 7 metre high wire using hanging ropes for balance. Guess the Elvis connection!

Gladiator – A very wobbly experience.Working as a pair (or racing against an opponent!), you must climb the poles, up to the mini climbing wall and on to the tyres where you must compete to sound the air-horn!

Jacob’s Ladder – Climb in a small team helping each other as you go. There are small and large versions to suit different age groups.

Cargo net – Climb the 10 metre high net in pairs: a very shaky experience!

Crate Challenge – Stack crates in pairs to climb the highest tower you can. A very amusing sight!

Stream task – Follow the stream for 600metres completing physical and mental tasks on route. This can be messy!

Tree Climb – Make the 12metre ascent and ring the bell at the top.

Wobbly log – Cross the inclined log, which is fixed, then ascend further and traverse the higher log that wobbles like crazy!

Ball Jump – Ideal for younger groups. Climb to the platform and jump off to bat, head or kick the ball in front of you. Which ever you attempt you will end up swinging about!

Climbing – Your group can climb indoors or outdoors on artificial structures. Alternatively there is a natural sandstone outcrop 1 km. away.

DSC_0024Scrambling – Scramble up and down gullies, through a cave, round tree roots and through tiny gaps. A very popular activity.

Bungy trampoline – Bounce on the trampoline and perform your own aerobatics!

Tunnel Trail – a man made course comprising 80m of tunnels.

Low Ropes – work as a team to cross bridges, perform rope swings, step across logs, traverse a wall…. never more than 50 cms. off the ground.

Katakanus – Katakanus are twin hulled and joined by the manufacturer to make a catamaran. Virtually unsinkable in flat water.  A superb experience for all ages.094

Kayaking – Sessions involve fun, games and getting soaked!

Open Canoes – The Hiawatha experience! These open cockpit boats can be paddled by a small team or rafted together .

Swimming – A covered indoor pool, excellent showering facilities


.Orienteering – Join ‘Bertie’ in his quest to go to the seaside. Find pictures to fill in the gaps in the quest. Equally popular with children and adults.

– Traditional orienteering markers allow coaching and competition.

Archery – There are three outdoor and one indoor archery ranges.

Mountain Biking – A challenging, dedicated course in two hundred acres of farm land. This activity incurs a surcharge.

Improvised Rafting – See how long your craft stays afloat!

Problem Solving – A series of challenging tasks which require team work to complete. Many of our other activities offer a problem solving option.

For team building days please click on one of the links below.

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[quote] “Both staff and pupils have raved about the day they had with you. We would grade your service as excellent across the board. We would very much like to work with you again.” – St.Johns [/quote]

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