Checklist For Teachers

  • Medical forms will need to be completed and brought to the course. We need to be informed beforehand about any special medical information.
  • Any special dietary requirements for pupils and staff will need to be emailed to us 2 weeks before the course.
  • We need the ratio of boys to girls and male to female staff to work out accommodation 3 weeks before the course.
  • Remind the pupils to bring a packed lunch for the first day of the course.
  • Should it be necessary for a group member to leave the course early, any transport involved is the responsibility of their school and NOT of 4th Dimension. We recommend that a member of visiting staff brings a car.
  • Please ensure your group is in activity and tent groups before your arrival and according to the information supplied by 4th Dimension.

Hints for Teachers

  • Check the pupils know that it is vital to bring warm and waterproof clothing.
  • Every child should bring a named water bottle.
  • Pupils should wear trainers or similar shoes, not flip flops or open toed sandals or slip on shoes.
  • All clothing and possessions must be named.
  • We throw away many, many items because we cannot identify the owner.
  • Torches and batteries are very important particularly on camping courses.
  • You may wish to bring some games equipment for break times.
  • The school or children should bring bin liners for wet clothing.
  • Please ensure that all medication needed by group members is brought to the trip, is stored appropriately and is taken with them as necessary (eg. inhalers)
  • There is a small shop for sweets and drinks etc. We recommend that children only bring a small amount of money.
  • The school is responsible for this money.
  • Please make sure you understand fully our fire arrangements.
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