New Intake Days

This course was devised by our Managing Director Chris Taylor B.ED when he was head of a P.E. and Outdoor Education Department in a large 11- 18 comprehensive school. It focuses on bringing together students from a variety of feeder schools to work in new groups, with new friends.

These courses are specially designed for groups to experience all the decision making processes necessary to achieve a goal. They will feel emotions ranging from frustration to euphoria!

This course traditionally lasts for one day but is sometimes built into a residential course. The aim is to offer thought provoking and challenging team tasks which will encourage awareness of all the factors necessary to the working with new people. Many tasks do not present a physical challenge although some can contain an overtly physical element, on land or water.

All tasks require allocation of roles to the appropriate team members. These courses are used for new intake groups, departmental and subject groups and are also very relevant to staff teams. The cycle of “plan, do, review” is encouraged so that strengths can be maintained and weak areas identified for development.

  • These courses can be held either at our Sussex base, or we can arrange to run them at your school.



The day aims to introduce students to each other and to learn team skills in a ‘fun’ environment.



Understanding and sharing information

Working with others

Collective problem solving

Cooperation skills

Allocating roles and responsibilities

Development of planning skills


The Development of the Day

  • Contact us by phone or email to establish your course aims, content, date and times
  • On arrival your group will be met, welcomed and introduced to the objectives for the day.
  • The teams complete up to 8 tasks where their progress is reviewed.
  • The day ends by testing a task (involving an egg and a 10m drop!) with all teams present followed by a final review of the day
  • Depart
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